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“Valencia Costa Blanca” is a website providing news, information, and Tourist Guide Information for the Valencia and Costa Blanca region
of Spain, but much of the information is also applicable to the rest of Spain also.

The Costa Blanca in Spain refers to the over 200 kilometres of coastline along Spanish Provinces of Valencia and Alicante in the Community of Valencia, and is one of the world top holiday resorts.

The Costa Blanca is situated on the south-eastern coast of Spains Mediterranean coast. The Costa Blanca has over 200 kilometres of coastline, and has many ancient towns and cities to modern tourist resorts to visit. The Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination for millions of tourists each year (with over 4 million people visiting Benidorm each year). It is popular with tourist from all over Europe, particularly North Europeans and of course the Spanish themselves, who come to the the Costa Blanca from the inland cities, such as Madrid, during the summer. It is also a good location for many expats, who come to the Costa Blanca to work, or retire.

The Comunidad Valencia is made up of three Provinces – Castellion in the north, Alicante in the south, and Valencia in the middle.